About Us

About designer craftsmens

The Israel Designer Craftsmen's Association was founded in 1964 as a non-profit organization comprised of designer craftsmen and ceramic artists. Members of the group create in crafts and artistic expressions such as weaving, embroidery, drawing, printmaking, paper art, sculpture, goldsmithing, jewelry making, ceramics and more.  The association is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel, and also finances its activities through yearly membership fees. It is administered by volunteers among members elected to form a committee.

Goals of the Association/Design Crafts

Among the goals of the association in design crafts are:

  • to preserve the various fields of traditional crafts and develop new directions of expression;
  • to encourage a high level of professionalism among craftsmen by broadening their horizons and helping them to acquire knowledge and new technical skills;
  • to expose craftsmen to other fields in the art world through workshops and interdisciplinary gatherings;
  • to strengthen the ties between Israeli craft artists and their contemporaries abroad, and to initiate joint activities;
  • to initiate, plan and carry out projects that will become part of the artistic and cultural tradition in the field of design crafts, and to provide a foundation for cooperative efforts between the wider public and the craftsmen.

Activities in Design Crafts

Activities in the field of design crafts are directed towards two target groups: foremost towards members of the association and then towards the general public in Israel.  These undertakings are planned and directed specifically towards each group, taking into consideration the group's characteristics and different levels of skills.  Nonetheless, interaction and cross-nurturing is achieved through the activities engaged in by the association together with the target audience.

The majority of the association's activities are directed towards its members and aimed at training craftsmen and providing them with the tools needed to acquire knowledge and new skills, thus contributing to their enrichment and professional expertise.

Members of the association enjoy a broad spectrum of  activities, such as:

  • Workshops –led by local and foreign artists and fostering interdisciplinary gatherings and exposure to new art forms, techniques and a variety of materials, thereby stimulating directions of thought and expression.
  • Exhibitions – group exhibitions based on a particular subject or concept, shown in spaces suitable for professional presentations.
  • Tours – guided tours in museums, galleries and artists' studios throughout the country.
  • Lectures and study days –led by local and foreign artists.
  • New contacts – acquiring contacts aimed at cooperative endeavors in Israel and abroad, as well as building bridges towards an acquaintance with contemporaries in other countries and exposing members of the association to relevant information such as appeals for participation in exhibitions and competitions.
  • Newsletters – distributed monthly to association members.

Activities Aimed at the General Public

Activities directed toward the general public include workshops, exhibitions, lectures and tours. The goal of these activities is to expose the public to the work of design craftsmen and to broaden the public's awareness, knowledge and understanding of the latest concepts in the realm of craft artistry.  In addition, the wider public will be provided with the newsletter distributed monthly by the association including details relevant to the variety of the association's present and future activities.

All of the association's activities are offered to the general public at nominal fees, and not intended for profit.